My favorite tools I use to build my online business

I like to use professional tools, plugins, and services that make my daily work easier.

Fortunately, today there are thousands of software and services that help us to build the empire we want.

But on the other hand, the vast assortment makes your choice a bit difficult.

Since I decided a few months earlier that I don’t want to be an employee forever, I also have been experimenting with many various tools.

But first, you must know that I take it seriously, and that’s why I haven’t targeted only free blogging tools or plugins.

If you plan to build an online business or blog too then, it’s inevitable to invest in it. Professional tools can provide you the professional result. It’s a fact

In this article, I’m going to share with you all blogging tools, plugins, and products I use to build my online biz and grow my audience.


1. Social Warfare

I think, Social Warfare was the first plugin in my life that met all my expectations. (It’s not easy)

I had to search for a while to find the appropriate tool to put stylish social media share buttons on my site.

But the other options weren’t well-designed neither worked fine on my blog.

Social Warfare gives everything you need.

It’s fast and has beautiful customisable buttons.

Plenty of features are available like hidden Pinterest specific images or analytics integration.

On WordPress, below your articles, you can write meta descriptions for different social media platforms and upload explicit images.

So, you can be sure that your audience will only see what you want they see if somebody shares your content.

The price is affordable, and I didn’t find any competitors so far.

2. CSS Hero

Unfortunately, I’m not a web developer, and I don’t tend to be once.

I don’t like coding.

But if you want to build a stunning blog and you don’t want to pay for a web developer always if you want to change something then CSS Hero can help a bit.

The tool won’t do alone anything for you, and basic CSS knowledge is also necessary.

For instance, it’s good to know what padding or margin is.

You can fix and change the style of the elements on your website without writing a row in a text editor.

CSS Hero has an active rocket mode.

It means that you’re able to point items on your size and you can customise their parameters.

If you’re an absolute beginner, then take your time and experiment with CSS Hero.

The best is that even if you messed up your page, the tool lets you jump back to the starting point.

So, you can’t demolish your site completely. I show you the reset button on the picture.

3. Yoast

Yoast is a free SEO tool for your WordPress website.

You probably know that today to publish an article without search engine optimisation is lethal for your business.

You will get less traffic because people won’t find your articles randomly searching in Google.

Yoast helps you to bring the best out of your content.

Below of your blog post, this plugin gives you suggestions how to improve your keyword usage or even the readability of your blog post.

You don’t need to think about what you forgot.

If the buttons are green, then you can publish your story because your content is optimised for SEO well.

Writing tools

1. Grammarly

I’m not a native English speaker. So, it’s important to check my writing many times. If you write a blog, your spelling is crucial to be correct. Grammarly is one of the best proof-reader tools I have ever used. It can fix the grammar errors and has many other features like:

• Contextual spelling
• Check punctuation
• Sentence structure suggestions
• Style recommendations

Besides the options as mentioned earlier, Grammarly has plenty of documentation types too. You can use a business, academic or creative type.

Depending on your choice the proofreading changes.

And the best is that you don’t need to think about plagiarism because Grammarly checks the originality of your sentences over the web.

2. Hemingway App

If the writing is right, the other thing to check is the readability. The Hemingway App can help to make your sentences clear and bold. It’s good because people like read shorter and not too complex sentences.

Hemingway App recommends you simpler alternatives for the compound phrases.

I love using it because I can be sure that people don’t need to struggle with long and complicated sentences while reading my article.

Social Media tools

1. Buffer

Using social media to your online business is inevitable, but it takes a lot of time to manage your content over many different platforms. Buffer can help you to save time scheduling posts every day.

I use it to share my content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn but you can also connect your Instagram or Pinterest account as well.

Very sophisticated because it lets you set an own schedule for each platform with an own time zone.

On the other hand, Buffer provides an excellent tracking and analytics feature. So, you can see the performance of your content you shared over the tool. It has an own link shortening option, so you don’t need to use or other extra tools.

2. BoardBooster

BoardBooster is also a social media scheduling tool, but it’s specialized to Pinterest.

Pinterest has another dynamic than Facebook and Twitter. BoardBooster can schedule and loop your pins. It’s great to keep active your account.

It checks if you have broken links and clean up your boards to have higher quality in your Pinterest stream.

Using this tool you can create a great pinning strategy to bring more traffic to your website and build your audience.

Web hosting

1. HostGator

I use HostGator to my site because it’s straightforward to use and reliable.

It has web, cloud and WordPress hosting opportunity and their service is excellent.

The price is affordable. The starter plan on cloud hosting $3.58 per month.

On the customer portal, you can install your WordPress blog with only one click.

Since I started my site, I haven’t had any problem, and if I had a question, the live chat service helped me immediately.

In addition to HostGator provides an SSL certificate and a G Suite account to create a professional email address.

Email tools

1. Convertkit

If you plan to be an online entrepreneur then probably you need a professional email service.

Convertkit is one of the best options today. I haven’t experienced an excellent service yet so far that these guys provide.

There are many options like automatization, broadcasting, and sequences to bring the best out of your email marketing.

Convertkit interface is easy to use, and the documentation is comprehensive.

You can create different email forms and landing pages to redirect your subscribers after signing up your email list.

The forms are customisable, and they also have a WordPress integration too.

The support is very friendly and they chat with you anytime you are stuck with anything.

For instance, you can below my articles also sign up form of it.

2. LeadPages

Leadpages is a great tool if you want to build your email list.

They provide amazing landing pages and opt-in form.

The best is that you can integrate your email service like Convertkit.

I love the drag and drop option and the plenty of beautiful templates.

If you have already seen my Thank You page or the opt-in form clicking on the free resources, then you can see how powerful Leadpages is.

3. G Suite

I think the first is if you want to start an online business is to create a professional email address.

It’s crucial if you want to look like a pro.

My email address is, and it looks great. The service of Google, G Suite gives you the opportunity to use a custom domain in your email address.

It costs $5, but in my opinion, this price is reasonable for this service.

And good news for you. I can give you a $20 coupon to G Suite. Just click the button under this section.

So, now you can create your professional email address and save money at the same time.

Design and Images

1. Photoshop

I use Adobe Photoshop to edit my photos and create banners, headers or even freebies.

Abode has a great plan to purchase Photoshop and Lightroom for $10 if you want to edit your pictures for your blog.

If I create new photos the basis improvements, I always do in Photoshop.

I think, to learn the basics is not difficult, and if you use every day, then it can improve your design very much. I like it.

2. 99Design

If your designer talent is not enough to create a professional logo or even website design then sooner or later you need to get help from artists.

99design is a great place to hire freelancer experts for any design work.

They offer unique WordPress or social media design package.

I have used twice the service, and I have always got what I wanted. Excellent service and communication.

3. Creative Market

Unfortunately, I don’t have any time and maybe talent neither to take such photos you can find on Creative Market.

After I wrote an article and I’m not able to shoot a picture to it I search a pic that fit.

On the other hand, you find not only photos but everything that creative is.

For example fonts, graphics, illustrations, and WordPress theme too.

For bloggers and creative entrepreneurs like you and me, Creative Market is an essential place to get the quality we need.

Task management tools

1. Trello

When I turn on my computer Trello is the first check.

It’s a great tool if you want to organize your tasks. I have had many times that I had something in my mind, but ten minutes later I forget it.

Using Trello, it doesn’t happen again. Creating boards, I can separate and organize my tasks for the future.

The user interface is user-friendly, and the best is that it’s absolutely free.


As you can see there are many useful tools that can help you to save time and create valuable stuff for your online business.

Some of them are not free but if you plan to work seriously on your idea using paid tools is inevitable.

What are your favorite tools or plugins?

My favorite blogging tools, plugins, and services I use to build an online business and grow my audience. Instruments to achieve more by working less.

Blogger and entrepreneur from Germany. He writes about business, blogging and online marketing. His mission is to help people to build an online business and grow their audience.