7 reasons to start your online business if you have a killer idea

Have you already dreamed about to build an online business and make money working on things you love? If you have started to read this article then probably yes.

Maybe you are a person who is disappointed as an employee, or you don’t want to always work for the success of others.

Perhaps you just don’t dare to let out the ideas of your imagination.

But don’t worry.

I’m sure you already have excellent business ideas in the behind of your mind.

But taking a risk and starting to move into the unknown is scary and can be stronger than you.

You are afraid of losing money and what people are going to think about you, furthermore you will be lonely at home.

Yes, yes. I know these thoughts very good.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t brave and don’t trust in your ideas, then you will never realize your dreams. And this fact will hurt.


Daniel Gilbert, American psychologist wrote right in his book Stumbling on Happiness.

He says, “people of every age and in every walk of life seem to regret “not” having done things much more than they regret things they “did”, which is why the most popular regrets include not going to college, not grasping profitable business opportunities, and not spending enough time with family and friends.”

It’s true.

Many years later you will sit on your bed thinking about your desires you didn’t realize. One question will come into your mind:

Why didn’t I begin to struggle on my goals? Painful.

I don’t want to live with the feeling of shortage and you neither.

But I’m sure you wouldn’t regret to give a try for your desired enterprise.

But if you still have doubts then I’m going to tell you seven reasons why it’s worth it to start an online business today.

1. Because it’s easier than ever

When did you check last time how you can be an entrepreneur?

Oh, never. Probably you will surprise reading the endless information about how you can build a biz. All steps are there.

There isn’t a secret anymore.

Free resources, articles, and training are waiting for you to educate yourself.

You can read step-by-step how you can build your audience, create your blog and various ways to make money online.

Millions of entrepreneurs share ideas, experiences about successes and failures continuously.

What do you need more? Everything is available and free.

If you would be stuck, people are waiting for to help you on websites like Quora.

Tip: Use Quora to get professional answers to your questions. Marketing experts and entrepreneurs are ready to give you the best insider tips.

2. You will be smarter and more confident

It takes two or three years to become a successful online entrepreneur.

In the beginning, you are unsure and probably full of doubt.

It’s normal. People always have a fear of unknown.

But during your development phase, you will experience new perspectives. Seeing successes or failures of other entrepreneurs can help to overcome your fairs.

You will,

  • Adopt successful habits (read more, get up early, time management)
  • Use modern tools that make your work smoother and get ideas to your topics
  • Improve marketing, writing and communication skills
  • Be more confident while your know-how is growing

The fresh knowledge will drop your skepticism, and your goals will be more accurate.

Tip: As kick off, enroll some online courses you are interested in on Udemy or Coursera.

3. Business challenges you

You will face a lot of obstacles while you’re working on your biz.

It’s inevitable.

I have a full-time job. I’m struggling to manage the rest of my free time to go ahead with my blog and audience. I need to learn writing, marketing, design and social media strategies.

Sitting late night with my computer is ok for me. But I write on the bus going to my company. The colleagues ask me why I’m always tired.

But I’m better and better every day

If you are a newbie like me, then you have probably a full-time job too. If not, then you can invest more time, but I hope you aren’t unemployed.

With time, you will learn how you can bring the best out of yourself.

Using your free time struggling for your “baby.” Sometimes you’ll cancel events or meetings with friends. You will work late night when your family is already sleeping and get up earlier than your children.

You will be exhausted.

But believe me, it’s necessary to challenge yourself with things you are not familiar.

These confrontations with your limits will show you what you can and finally, the challenges will be smooth routines.

Tip: Use Trello to organize your day and tasks. It’s free.

4. You can find your passion

Until I turned into 30, I didn’t know what I love to do.

I have already worked as a salesman, financial consultant, database administrator.

Later as sales representative, journalist.

And I picked grapes too.

I filled out plenty of online tests to figure out what my passion is.

Today I’m sure the best way to find yourself is trying out new things.

Do you know why?

Because passion isn’t something, you can’t find. It’s something you can work out.

Building an online business is complex and you will get experiences many areas.

Whether you are a true-born leader or a talented web designer, you will see which is fit for you. Maybe you will write the next bestseller because you are a gifted writer. Who knows?

All these activities belong to direct or indirect to online businesses. That’s why you have many chances to discover your hidden abilities.

5. You will meet amazing people

Working online doesn’t mean you are alone and you feel isolated.

Not at all.

If you spend more time on the web, you will meet interesting people surely.

Since I started my blog and business, I have met many interesting people. The best is that you can decide with whom you want to contact.

So, you can avoid people who would have an adverse impact on you. Unlike sitting at a company where you can’t influence your environment.

How can you find people in the same niche?

You can join Twitter chats and Facebook communities to discuss your interest. People are happy to meet individuals with the same pursuit.

You will hear stories how other entrepreneurs are struggling with their businesses. It’s great because you will realize that you aren’t alone if you have a bad day. Your new pals in your niche will help you to keep up the work.

Not only online.

Many websites organize meetings for entrepreneurs or digital nomads around the world.

Sites like Digital Nomad Tour arrange a boat tour for business people. During visiting beautiful places, you can make friendships and get new inspirations.

Meetup is also a great website where you can join events around the world. The events categorized on topics like business, photography or science.

Tip: Register on Meetup and follow the actual events in your niche. It can motivate you.

6. Be financially independent

Oh yes. You work less and earn more. Earning while sleeping.

Sounds like a dream, right?

I can tell you that it’s not a dream.

People earn different amount of money online, and it depends on how much they work or in which corner they are active.

I think the most desired goal is to get passive income. You wake up and checking your bank account to say: Wuuuuuuhuuuu!

How much money can you earn? How much can you work?

As a beginner entrepreneur, you won’t make much money. You should develop and build your audience.

It’s ok. You will enjoy the growing phase.

If you have a lot of time, there are many options to make small money online like writing guest posts or editing photos.

I say few bucks because you want to focus on your online business to achieve the financial freedom.

What does it mean?

Young entrepreneurs with a massive email list and widespread audience earn between $50.000 and $200.000 monthly.

That’s what I mean if I say, financially independent.

Check the income reports of the amazing Melyssa Griffin to see what she in the last three years achieved. You won’t sleep after seeing her accomplishments.

So, if you don’t give up and work permanent on your goals, then three years of your life is not so much for this result, right?

Tip: Check out Fiverr to get some cash for your gigs.

7. You can’t lose anything

First, I want to share you my belief.

In online business people can’t fail. They can only give up.

Sometimes things don’t work well, and you should change your perception and learn more.

But the only way to lose is giving up following your purposes.

You have still doubts. Ok, I understand. So, listen to me.

You can’t lose.

Nothing. You will invest some money because it’s necessary if you want to use tools and enroll better courses. Is it a loss?

You get knowledge, and you will use tools for these expenses. If you would give up, you can cancel all your current payments.

If you would give up after a while, you won’t be the as the same person as before. You will be smarter, and you will have relationships or fresh ideas to your new goals.

It can also happen that you find your passion. You know.

You can’t lose.


Starting an online business is easy today. You can use free resources, and people are ready to help you if you would be stuck.

Many people fail because they give up or they even don’t start working out their ideas.

They think they don’t have the necessary skills talent.

Social Fave has shared an infographic on Twitter about qualities that lead entrepreneurs to success.

The two most important qualities are determination and risk-taking.

If you are determined and don’t give up, you will win.

That’s all you should do if you’re thinking about starting your online business.

I hope you don’t have doubt anymore and you will hustle to realize your powerful online business.

Do you know any other reason why people should start an online business?

Have you already dreamed about to build an online business and make money working on things you love? 7 reasons to start your biz if you have a killer idea.

Blogger and entrepreneur from Germany. He writes about business, blogging and online marketing. His mission is to help people to build an online business and grow their audience.