How to use Buffer to save time for your online business

If you spend too much time on social media to promote your brand, Buffer is one of the best tools that helps you to bring the best out of your schedule.

Buffer helps to save time, organize your content and create an efficient, automatized social media strategy.

Social media is an essential part of building an online business because of sharing frequently valuable contents increases your online presence and grow your audience.

But probably you have already realized that being active on all these platforms can take an incredible lot of time.

Before I started using Buffer, I wasted 1-2 hours to find, organize and post valuable contents.

It’s unacceptably lot, and I consumed my energy as well.

So I started to use Buffer and these hours were getting minutes. And not because I’m less active, not at all.

I spend 15 minutes on researching and scheduling content all day. For Twitter 9 posts, for Facebook 5 and Linkedin also 5.

It sounds better than hours. So I have more time for writing, editing images or working on my website.

If you’re also struggling to build your online business and it’s difficult to be active on social media than Buffer will be your best friend.

In this article, I’m going to show you how I use Buffer to reduce the time spending with social media scheduling and searching valuable contents.

Set up Buffer and connect to all your social media accounts

Buffer provides free and paid plans as well. Depending on whether you are a solopreneur or you already have a team, you can pick the category that fits for you.

I use the “Awesome” plan because I’m building alone my online empire and I have only one account on each social media platform.

It costs $102 yearly, but I think it’s affordable if you aimed to realize your online business.

The difference between the free and “Awesome” plan is that you can’t use features like posting on Pinterest or the calendar view.

The start is super easy on Buffer. On the first page, you can connect to your social media accounts or pages quickly.

I recommend connecting to all your accounts to be able posting on all social media platforms at the same time and having a transparent view on your schedule.

Create your schedule

The perfect way to use Buffer efficiently is if you create schedules before you start posting randomly at different times.

If you already know your audience then depending on their needs you can organize your posts. But if you’re a newbie, you can use statistics about what time is the best to post on social media.

Don’t forget to choose your the time zone that fits for your online business. It depends on, in which country you live or in which country your targeted audience live. For instance, I live in Germany, but my audience is English speaker and lives in the US. That’s why I use EST time zone.

People have different behavior on each social media platforms. For instance, at weekend people are not so active on Linkedin.

With the time you will know your audience much better, and you can change your schedule times accordingly to the needs of your followers.

Fill content into your queues

Buffer organize your posts in queues to give you a transparent look at your schedule.

There are many ways to schedule your posts on Buffer.

The first option is choosing one platform and add content to a specific slot you’ve scheduled before.

It’s excellent and pretty fast method if you want to schedule a specific content for a specific social media platform. But in this case, you should do this process for all your platforms separately.

That’s why it’s worth it to schedule on all your social media accounts at the same time.

For this, you need to click on the field “What do you want to share” in your content topic.

And choose all platforms on that you want to post your next content.

If you’re ready, then click “Add to Queue” and the new content will be filled in your next scheduled time.

It’s great because you can fill parallel all your queues. You save time.

Due to the different behavior of the users on all social media platforms, you can avoid posting the same content at the same time on all platforms. That’s why you have different schedules hence your activity doesn’t look too mechanical.

I recommend always filling your queues for the next days, but if you have or can find more valuable contents, you can schedule as much post as you can.

After your queues are ready, you get a clear overview of your schedules.

Organise your resources

Now you could say, that posting and scheduling are a part of the whole process because the content won’t jump into your queues directly.

Researching also takes a lot of time unless you always post only your blog posts or photos.

But if you have recently started a business, you probably don’t have enough content to share daily ten times.

And this is ok.

Sharing contents of other relevant websites are also a part of building your audience. Your followers are hungry for valuable content. In the beginning, you can post more content from other great sites and later if you write more you can reduce the external materials.

Buffer will help you to decrease the time of the research, and you have more time to create your content. I love it.

The content box is the place where Buffer catches contents from other websites using RSS feeds.

For instance, Entrepreneur magazine or Social Media Examiner.

These sites produce fantastic business, marketing, and social media contents every day.

Add plenty of relevant feeds to your content box to find the best contents for your audience quickly.

Buffer shows the recent posts, and you don’t have anything to do just click “Add.”

Buffer prepares the content for your queue adding the title, the shortened link. So you don’t need to use extra tools like to get fancier URLs.

Pick the best picture from the images of the article, and choose which social media platform you want to share on.

It’s fantastic, isn’t it? You don’t have to open many websites and check the recent articles because Buffer does it for you dynamically.

Analyze the performance of your content

The fresh content is in the air, but if it doesn’t work well and not appealing to your audience than it would also be a waste of time.

Buffer analyses the performance of your posts and these statistics help you to know better the need of your audience.

On the analytics page, you can see a variety of statistics about likes, clicks, shares, and comments.

Check your statistics regularly and change your content strategy if it doesn’t fit for your followers.


Building an online business is a never-ending work. Permanent struggling to find small slots of time to bring the best out of your business.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything with your two hands because plenty of useful tools can support your work.

Using Buffer, you save time and organize your content for all social media platforms efficiently.

How do you use Buffer to save time and be more efficient your social media strategy?

Save plenty of time for your online business using Buffer. Schedule great contents for all your social media platforms quickly and analyze its performance.