9 elementary steps to start treating your Instagram as a business

I’ve heard many times that bloggers and online entrepreneurs don’t like to use Instagram for their business because its opportunities are limited. Instagram is an image-based social media platform, and millions of influencers are managing it well, earning tons of money with it. It’s true. You’ve probably seen many models, full-time travelers or fashion bloggers who have plenty of followers and build their empire with beautiful photos. For these people, Instagram, the main (and often the only one) platform that they’re using.

But this fact doesn’t mean that you couldn’t use Instagram well and turn your followers into website visitors.

That’s why I recommend you using Instagram from the first day of your blog or online business because it would be a mistake to miss the 700 million active users monthly. You can be sure that in this lot of people you can find people who are interested in your activity.

No doubt.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a web developer or even a food blogger, there are surefire ways to use Instagram for your business and lead your followers to your site.

My mission is to help you to bring the best out of your business, so in this article, I’m going to show you primary ways, how to unify your online biz with your Instagram.

1. Complete your Instagram profile

One of the most critical steps is to complete your Instagram profile to send a clear message to your audience about your business. Why would follow you people if they don’t know what you deal with?


The name is a crucial part of your Instagram profile. It is that people can tag and mention in other contents. Try to find a short and straightforward username because people don’t like to write a lot.

Profile photo

Pick a profile picture that symbolizes your business. If you’re staying in focus then a high-quality, bright picture of you is the best option. On my Instagram, I have a photo of me because I use my name to my business.

In other cases, a logo of your biz can be the best. Check the account of Entrepreneur. The point is that the image must be clear and recognizable.


You can use 150 characters to make clear to your audience who you are and what your activity is. Not too much, but if you’re creative, it’s surely enough. Take a look at the biography of the Instagram profile of Andrea Lang. She is a professional photographer and using the appropriate keywords she makes her activity clear.


You have a business. You have a website. It’s essential to include your website in your profile. You don’t need to include your site in your biography because you can add it to the account information. It will be visible on your profile. If the name of your site is too long, you can use bit.ly to shorten it.

Call to action buttons

The call to action buttons give you the opportunity to include your phone number, email address and address in your profile and because of you’re an enthusiastic business person, you will do it. These buttons help people to connect with you quickly, and you look more reliable for your audience.

2. Focus on your audience

From the moment, you start treating your Instagram as a business, it’s crucial that you don’t generate content for everybody. This moment will be when many people will unfollow you because you start focusing on a specified segment. Don’t follow everybody and don’t try to provide content for all Instagram users. Forget to copy other influencers because this is your time, your moment and your Instagram. Create content people who really love your posts and don’t forget, 1000 real followers are always better than 10.000 fakes.

3. Follow people in your niche

One great way to know your audience is following other people in your niche. You can see their content, you get inspiration, and these Instagram users are probably interested in your content because you are in the same niche.

4. Unify your images

Posting high-quality images are just one crucial thing, but you also want to establish your Instagram presence, and it matters how your wall looks like. If you take photos, pay attention to the colors, the style and create unified content. If you use a filter, use the same one on all your photos.

5. Be present for your audience

Treating Instagram as a business means that you’re there and you’re active. People are going to comment and like your images. Reply all comments and not just a “THX” but full sentences. Be grateful for the attention. People will be appreciated your endeavor.

6. Repurpose your blog posts on Instagram

Do you write plenty of great articles but you don’t have content on Instagram? Yes, if you don’t produce image-based content, posting on Instagram can be challenging. I’m struggling to create content on Instagram as well, but there is a great trick you can use in your social media strategy. Repurposing blog content is a great way. Of course, you can’t share an article because it would be too long. But a short excerpt to give a taste of teaser of your full content for your followers is interesting. Use your headings, subheadings with a brief introduction and take questions at the end of the post that your blog post answers. Don’t forget to put the link to the end of your article. This is a great way to keep your Instagram followers up-to-date and bring traffic to your website. Use it!

7. Use relevant hashtags

You want to target the audience that is interested in your activity. One of the best ways is using only relevant hashtags to your content. Forget the “follow4follow” or “like4like” hashtags but use free tools like hashtagify.me to find the most popular and related hashtags to your content.

8. Post regularly

The key to success on Instagram is the regularity. Share your content at the same time regularly, and your audience will count on you with all time. But posting frequently takes time and energy as well. Fortunately, you can use tools like Buffer to schedule content and read great articles about what is the best time to post on Instagram. Don’t make your audience disappointed and give them what they expected from you.

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9. Call action

Your goal is always to motivate people to call the action. Get a like, new followers and refer people to your website. That’s why is important to include call-to-action options into your Instagram content as well. You can motivate people to write an answer to your question, write their opinion, tag somebody regarding a topic or go to your site to read an article. It’s essential to call an action in your content because it’s a great way connecting your audience, build trust or even entertain them.


Instagram is the second biggest social media platform today. So if you’ve started to build an online business, it’s a big chance to attract more people with your content and get more visitors to your website.

Be consequent, unified and open to communicate to your audience on Instagram.

What is your best method on Instagram to grow your audience?

Start to use Instagram to your online business and bring traffic to your website. 9 elementary steps how to bring the best out of your Instagram.

Blogger and entrepreneur from Germany. He writes about business, blogging and online marketing. His mission is to help people to build an online business and grow their audience.