9 free tools to find new blog post ideas if you feel uninspired

Please raise your hands if you have ever sat before your computer without new blog post ideas.

Yes, exactly, when the inspiration doesn’t come to you.

You want to write on your schedule and coming up continuously with new ideas. Posting regularly to feed your audience with appealing and valuable articles.

But you don’t have any fresh idea. Your competitors have already written about everything. Everything.

It’s annoying, isn’t it?

You know, if you publish 16+ articles per month, you will get 3.5x more traffic to your business than the competitors that post 0-4 times monthly.

So, the problem is measurable.

The lack of regularity can have a significant impact on your business, and this is what we don’t want, not at all.

But don’t worry.

I’m going to show you nine incredible online tools, and you’ll be able to generate fresh blog post ideas with long tail keywords.

1. Answer the public

Answer the public is one of my favorite free content generator tools. This engine is excellent because the providers are Google & Bing.

It takes only a few seconds to generate many of questions and ideas from your keywords you intend to use to your next article.

Let me show you how it works.

To get started, enter your keywords. Don’t forget to choose the language you want to focus on your research.

Click on “Get questions” to search content ideas to your keywords. In this example, I picked the expression “travel in Europe.”

You’ll get ideas in the following categories:

  • Question
  • Proposition
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabetical
  • Related

The result based on the queries and emotions of people that they search every day.

At the top of the page, you can switch between the sections.

There are an image visualization view and a list version. You can download the result in CSV too.

Besides to the ideas if you hold the cursor above one of the questions then you can get SEO information too.

Answer the public is elementary and doesn’t have any particular feature but you get everything to come up new blog post ideas.

2. Buzzsumo

It’s not a secret that you are not the only one who wants to come up great content. And maybe other bloggers have a better day. It’s changing every day.

I wouldn’t recommend checking your competitors all the time because it makes you frustrated.

First of all, don’t compare yourself to anybody.

But using Buzzsumo you can analyze the articles of other content creators. It can inspire you. For instance, you can see which piece of your competitor performed the best recently. It can be a great starting point to analyze the unprocessed questions.

Buzzsumo can help you to check which topics perform best in a diverse range of dates.

The tool has a great social media analyzer. It’s excellent if you want to see how many times people have shared specific contents on social media. 

If you don’t have any keyword or simple idea, you can check the top actual trends.

Buzzsumo isn’t a fully free tool, but some of the main features you can use to get the five top results every day.

You can register for the trial version for 14 days without paying anything too.

The pro version is 99$ per month.

3. Hubspot blog topic generator

When you’re seeking more individual ideas, you’re going to love the Hubspot blog topic generator.

You only need toss three nouns in the fields and fire.

I used “picture,” “landscape” and “photography.”

You’ll get five constructs from your keywords. As you can see the result is not always perfect. Perhaps you need to fix them grammatically. 

But if you’re not satisfied with the results then click on “Try again.”

If you want to get better results playing with the nouns can help you to meet the appropriate outcomes.

4. Portent

Portent is another simple content generator. After you shot your keywords, then it generates you blog post ideas.

The suggestions aren’t always usable, and you need spend some time to get the right result.

I like to work with this tool. I get ideas, and the funny comments make the searching more entertaining.

Portent is free.

5. Tweak your Biz

Tweak your Biz is a similar title generator to Answer the public.

Before you type anything, you need to choose if your keyword a noun or a verb.

In this case, I used “Instagram” as a keyword.

After hitting submit, you will get title variations in 13 categories.

Depending on what type of article you plan to write you can consider every section.

The topics like “List,” “How to” and “Questions” are sought today.

Tweak your biz is also free.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular keyword search tools.

You can explore great content ideas and keywords to your SEO strategy at the same time.

The tool is available on Google Adwords, and it’s necessary to create a Google account to use it. Google Adwords wants you to have a campaign, and you need to add your billing details too.

No panic.

You don’t need to pay anything because after you created your account, you can pause the campaign.

So, you won’t lose money.

If you did everything right, you would see the following page.

As you’re seeing, I stopped my campaign.

From now you can enjoy the features of Google Adwords.

On the menu bar choosing Tools can you find the Keyword Planner.

Select the “Search for new keywords using phrases, website or category” option to start seeking new ideas.

Under “Your product or services” you can type your keywords that you want to use to find topics.

Click “Get ideas.”

The result will look like this:

You’ll get 700 keyword ideas and information about searching rate, competition and suggested bid.

Google Keyword Planner is the site where I spend the most time to come up new content ideas.

Finding great keyword options and prepare my post for SEO strategy can spare me a lot of time.

And from now for you too.

Don’t forget to check the “Ad group ideas” topic too. Not so often but you can find some useful expressions as well.

7. Content Row

Content Row is also a straightforward content generator.

It’s free, and you don’t have to register on the site.

Simple throw your keyword and hit the “Get Linkbait” button.

The tool will generate 25 suggestions. If you don’t find the title you’re looking for, then click the button again.

I wouldn’t recommend using the title ideas just as you got them. Check them grammatically and care if somebody has already used them to other articles.

8. Google Trends

Probably you have already heard about Google Trends. 

Google designed it for marketers to know better their audience, products or competitors.

But I think you can use to find some concepts to your blog post ideas.

I also have already found some topics for my content calendar.

Let me show you how it works.

I’ll try to find ideas in topic “Instagram marketing.”

Firstly you can take a look at the “Related topics” results.

You can see the contents people are also interested connecting to your primary keywords.

These result can give you hints in which direction you could search more.

On the other side, the “Related queries” list shows you which questions people often use in Google Search.

If you would have more ideas and you would stick in which direction you want to go, then you can compare more topics as well.

I compared “Instagram marketing” and “Twitter marketing” to comprehend which is more popular today.

9. Alltop

Alltop creates gatherings of the most popular news on the web.

On the page, you land there are the five recent headlines in different categories, like politics, photography and online marketing.

If you want to get some ideas, you can use the search bar. I searched marketing news and as you can see plenty of articles came up.

Using Alltop, you need to spend a little bit time and check the individual pages.

I check this site once a week because the aggregation of contents gives me a glance on the actual news.


If you want to build your audience and bring more traffic to your blog writing continuously is necessary.

I think every blogger knows the painful moments when the inspiration doesn’t come.

Fortunately, finding new ideas on the web is easy. Sometimes you need to work on the generated ideas because there aren’t perfect.

But it’s calming, isn’t it?

Let you try out the tools I mentioned above, and I’m sure you will find fast inspiration to your killer blog post ideas.

Do know any other tool to generate content ideas?

Use the following free content idea generator tools to find new blog post ideas to your next article if the inspiration doesn't come to you.

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