7 facts I’ve learned in the first three months building my online business

Wow, I wouldn’t have thought that I’m going to report about the first three months of my online business.

I thought I quit before that. But I’m here, and in this article, I share with you what I learned in this period because it happened to me a lot.

If you’re reading this article, you have hopefully seen my new website, and you’ve got the first impression about it. (I hope so.) I would love to read your thoughts about it, so feel free to comment, criticise below this post.

I worked a lot in the past three months to achieve this state of the site and stay active on social media as well.

Honestly, I knew, it will be tough, but it was much harder than I expected.

One reason for a hard time is that I have a full-time job and I can use only my spare time to learn, post, write and optimise everything.

The other reason is that I didn’t count on many difficulties like less time and the edges of my body.

On the other hand, I’m satisfied because struggling with various challenges taught me a lot about building an online business.

I’m sure, many other creative people are also struggling with establishing their online presence.

That’s why I would like to help them sharing 7 important things I’ve learned in the first three months.

1. Accept the time or quit

The most meaningful lesson I learned that building an online business takes time.

Yes, you’ve already read this fact on other websites, but we always tend to skip this point.

I thought that if I improve my daily performance from 100% to 300% risking my health, the business will perform an incredible growth.

I waited to hear every morning the noise of the money that land on my bank account. Just because I built in some affiliate links into my articles.

It didn’t happen. Of course not.

Nobody knows who I’m and people don’t trust me.

A stunning website, amazing articles and useful products don’t make you a reliable businessperson.

You need to build trust and engage people every day.

And after that, if you provide extraordinary value, they will believe you. But this process takes time. Years.

In the last three months, I wanted to quit many times because I’m a very impatient guy. But it happened one day that I felt terrible.

My blood pressure was getting high, and my body said: Stop my friend. I reached my edges.

This moment gave me two options.

Accept the time or quit.

I choose the first one. I reduced the working time to save my health and instead focus on continuous but less work.

Time became a partner that helps me to create better content, and I enjoy the way to the desired result.

If you’re also struggling with an online biz but the time is still your enemy, then you should make a beautiful friendship with it.

If you can’t accept that the way to success takes at least three years or even more, you have only one option: Quit.

2. You can’t win alone

You’re good at something, or you believe that you’re.

That’s why you started to work for your dreams. I love people that don’t want to leave their talent lying on the coach.

But a business needs a wide variety of knowledge, and you’re probably not good at all them.

I also can’t code a website, I’m not the best writer, and my mother tongue is not English.

And? Should I give up? No.

At the beginning of the work, I imagined that I’m going to achieve everything alone.

It will be the freedom I’m looking for, independent from everybody.

But with the time the second thing, I needed to accept is that if I want to do everything alone, then I’ll never achieve this freedom.

I could have learned web development before I started to build my site, but it makes extra years.

And I hate coding. But for instance, if you create a website it’s inevitable to work with HTML, PHP and CSS codes.

Fortunately, there are millions of freelancers to help us to solve these problems.

I work regularly with freelancer web developers and designers on Fiverr or UpWork.

Alone I wouldn’t be able to overcome such difficulties like PHP errors and design a logo.

Believe me, I tried, but it’s not worth it to struggling with something you’re not good at it.

I recommend you working with freelancers if you feel stuck. They can save you plenty of painful moments.

3. Invest in your child

The internet is full of free tools and materials.

You can get almost everything without you would spend any money.

Unfortunately, most free tools don’t provide the appropriate quality you need for your biz.

For instance, for the best email marketing and image editor tools like Convertkit or Photoshop are not free.

But you get value for your money. Another example is that you can promote yourself on social media free.

But sooner or later you’ll need to use paid ads to reach a wider audience.

If you’re not a born designer, it’s also worth it to pay for a pro designer to have a professional logo.

I spend at least $2000 to buy professional tools like Adobe Photoshop, BannerSnack or Convertkit.

I purchased stock images to my articles, and I paid for a photo shooting $600.

As you can see I’ve only a website so far.

But the result I got and the tools I use, help me to save plenty of time and provide quality content every day.

You can live with free tools for a while, but if you want to achieve the pro level, you need to invest.

4. A website is only a website

The fourth thing I’ve learned that a blog or website doesn’t make you an online entrepreneur.

I really thought that if I have a site, I’m going to earn money with ads or affiliate marketing immediately.

A stunning blog is just the entry into the online world.

Three months earlier I thought that the most massive challenge in my project is to set up a website that looks good.

But the real work is starting now.

Having a site gives you the opportunity to express yourself and begin to show something your audience.

That’s why don’t wait for the miracle after you created a beautiful site.

As I earlier mentioned, nobody knows who you’re.

5. Your voice is the key to unique business

I’ve made a mistake in the planning phase of my business.

I focused on the blog and the continuous activity on social media.

But I forget the most important thing that I’m staying in focus.

I started to copy other experts and buy stock photos and write like them.

Ok, I tried. I didn’t show myself and my voice for my audience.

In my opinion, there are only a few things that people didn’t do so far.

If you don’t have a revolutionary idea, you can’t stand out.

Thus, the best option is to make your business unique putting yourself in the first line.

Nobody will write in the way like you, and nobody has the same point of view.

I didn’t use my voice in the last three month, and people could only see a site that didn’t have any charm.

Use your voice, be brave enough to be yourself and put your personality into your activity.

On this way, you have much more chance to stand out.

6. You can’t be everywhere at the same time

Writing, building a site, sharing valuable content, creating products, freebies, editing images, taking photos, promoting, living your life don’t work at the same time.

It really doesn’t work.

If you think that you can do all them, you will fail, or you will lose something important like your health.

Unless if you have a team, focusing on fewer things is an essential strategy.

In the last three months, I wanted to control everything alone working full time.

Of course, it led me to permanent tiredness and reduced my productivity.

So, I decided to choose the most important tasks and focus only on them.

Firstly, I finished my site. But I don’t post photos on Instagram every day, create videos and don’t write two articles weekly.

On this way, I can achieve my goals.

I recommend you create a priority list and revise it regularly.

7. You’re just a blogger without a product

The goal of an online business is to create and sell something for your audience.

No secret.

But creating a product doesn’t depend on the state of your online presence.

Your product makes the difference between being merely a blogger and an online entrepreneur.

I don’t have any product yet. You can download freebies for free.

But these materials are not enough to turn a site into a business.

In the next months, I’m going to work on my online course and materials that I can sell to my audience.

If I could start the whole process again, I surely would work on my course from the beginning of the work.

Now I’m a blogger, but the goal is to become a successful online entrepreneur.


In the start phase of an online business, you must make many decisions and accept inevitable things like the years before you.

Paying more attention to the points as mentioned earlier, you can avoid mistakes I have made.

Create a clear strategy you can follow and be sure that you’re ready for the long journey.

If not, quit.

What would you recommend the fellow online entrepreneurs to be more successful building their biz?

I share my experiences about the first three months of my online business activity. Read which mistakes I've made and how you can avoid them.

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