7 ways to stay motivated while working on your online business

Having a new idea about launching an online business is always very exciting.

You begin immediately to dream about how you would spend your time as an entrepreneur.

You want to quit your job tomorrow, and you already feel the touch of the freedom.

Do you know these feelings?

I do. Because I also started to struggle for my dreams and build an online business.

My first thought in the morning is the online biz of my dreams and also the last in the evening.

Helping people how to make enough money to live and be independent.

Traveling around the world and working anywhere I want.

The vision infected me.

And I know that many people are also dreaming about to step out of the life of being an employee.

Today it’s easier than ever before.

Plenty of surefire ideas are available on the internet waiting for you to realize them.

Entrepreneurs are ready to help you to achieve the desired success.

There is no obstacle.

You know that the process takes time, but soon you can finally quit your job.

You know this thought.

Unfortunately, the process takes more time as we expect.

The excitement is decreasing during the weeks and months.

You must do the job you don’t like.

You must pay expenses, get up early and you have stress.

Time to work on your online business?

Of course, you don’t have.

Family, kids, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, housework, shopping and so on.

Just some factors why you forget the fire you at the beginning had.

The grey weekdays. The life you want to leave behind shadows your shining goals.

I also face every day these difficulties.

But I realized that if I don’t cook up something against the negative impact of the routines, it will ruin my plans.

I didn’t let happen.

Since I started working on my online business, I have evolved some tricks to stay focused every day.

Maybe you are also struggling how to stay focused on your online business every day.

If yes, continue reading.

I’m going to tell you seven hacks I use to maintain the fire in me.

1. Schedule reminders in your mobile

On a dull Monday getting up and working all day you don’t think about your goals.

You’re busy.

Such rushing days can ruin your mood, and you could focus only when you finally at home.

You can forget your purposes quickly.

To avoid the demotivation, I use a reminder tool on my cell phone.

Does it sound simple? Yes, it is. However, it’s pretty useful.

With this method, I remind myself many times a day why I’m working and what my goals are.

Seeing these short messages, I can smile during the day and think about what I can achieve.

The first reminder comes in the morning with my alarm together.

So, when I should get up, I receive a motivation shot from myself.

It’s easier to start the morning routine.

Your first thought is not the hatred job but the dream that makes you happier.

You can schedule messages about your goals or how you would enjoy the result of your success.

For instance, here is the schedule of my daily reminders:

Try it out and experiment how you can remind yourself effectively on the slow weekdays.

2. Think about your job as a support and not as the place you hate

From the moment, you decided to build an online business the role of your workplace changed.

It’s not just the employer anymore you don’t like whom you get a salary to pay your expense.

But the biggest supporter that helps you to raise your biz.

Sounds crazy, I know. But think about a little bit.

You need money to invest in your idea. It’s a fact, and you can’t avoid it.

And if you would quit now, you couldn’t spend more cash on your plans, and even you can’t pay your expenses either.

Thus, if you change the point of view about your workplace, then you can bear your pain easier on the workdays.

Since I changed my mind on my actual job, I see my employer as the biggest “partner” in my project.

My motivation doesn’t decrease during the day knowing I’m working on my business there too.

3. Talk to your family and friends about your business

Oh no, you don’t want to talk about your secret because if you fail, it will be embarrassing.

It’s better to keep the dreams in your pocket. Right?

It’s secure, but it doesn’t support your goals.

People can assist you.

They can maintain your motivation because they are always curious.

They want to know how you do something that they couldn’t.

Maybe few of them are waiting for your fail.

But it doesn’t matter because they will recall your fire asking about the goals.

I tell my friends and family always every step I did, and they’re also as excited as me.

Every time we meet they want to know the actual news.

I love to talk about it.

I do it because I know that nobody can alone build a successful business.

People around you can help and encourage you to stay on the way to the success.

4. Design your home office

Once you become an online entrepreneur and your business generates money.

At the beginning probably your home will be the new workplace.

But you don’t have to wait many years to rearrange your home for your empire.

Since I started to work intensively at home, I recognized that there is no calm place for me.

So, I chose one room and designed a home office.

Now I have a bright corner next to the window where I write and can take photos for my contents.

The tripod and the small photo studio are staying there, and I have sticky notes on the wall.

It looks important. And yes, it is.

When I enter the room, I can feel the importance of the work I do.

I love it. I kill the rest of the day in this place.

You also need to feel everywhere that your life is changing.

Feel that you have something new, important in your life.

It’s a simple manipulation of your mind, but it works.

Design your home office and focus on your online business.

5. Running

Doing sport was getting a crucial part of my life.

It’s funny because I didn’t even like to exercise and I have never been a sporty guy.

But the stress is growing if you work parallel as an employee and at home.

That’s why I forced me to do something physical activity.

I started to run regularly.

After a while, I noticed the positive impact of jogging on me quickly.

The endorphin releases and my mind was getting clear.

Arriving home after a few kilometer jogging, I’m the other person.

I have new ideas. I’m positive, and I feel unconquerable.

There is no secret.

When I run I listen to Music that I love. (Maybe you can better focus on your thoughts without noise.)

While I’m running, I’m thinking only about my desired lifestyle.

And not about the difficulties and how I could solve them.

But how I will live as a full-time online entrepreneur.

People are always staring at me because I run with a big smile on my face.

I think about how I help many people to build their online business and how I travel around the world.

About my home office and the things, I have already achieved.

You know, positive things that you want to realize or you already have.

The visualizations and the endorphin can bring you out from the dark mood and keep motivated.

You can try out another sort of sport too. For me, jogging is the best because I can be alone.

6. Read about successful people

Many people have reached the same things you also want.

What could be a greater motivation than reading about these entrepreneurs?

Don’t compare you to others because it makes you unhappy.

Try to accept that these guys started earlier that you do now.

They are not better than you.

Focus on the work they did that you also can gain if you work hard.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs often write about their difficulties too.

These stories support you during the hard times when your motivation is down.

I read every day one article of bloggers or entrepreneurs that I admire.

Besides the motivation, you get many fantastic ideas for your challenges too.

7. Educate yourself

On the way to the victory, it’s inevitable to improve your existing skills and learn new abilities.

If you educate yourself, you can use the new knowledge immediately for your business.

For instance, I have enrolled plenty of courses on Udemy. I learned photography, writing, SEO, business and social media marketing.

After you finished a course, you can immediately put the new knowledge into your online business.

It motivates you because your development is visible.

It’s great to see growing your empire, isn’t it?

Learn all day something that is necessary for your online business.


Building an online business is a long-term project.

It’s not easy to stay focused on the weekdays if you don’t see any development in your business.

Fortunately, there are plenty of methods to stay motivated even if you don’t feel the success in every moment.

But I believe, if you change your thinking, you can achieve everything you want.

The most important method is to take the vision of your online business with you everywhere.

What is your experience about the pre-time of building an online business? Do you have any other trick to stay focused?

7 elementary methods for the dull weekdays about how you can maintain your motivation while building an outstanding online business.

Blogger and entrepreneur from Germany. He writes about business, blogging and online marketing. His mission is to help people to build an online business and grow their audience.